Super-slim anti-smartphone of a size of credit card

  • Bluetooth-synchronization with any smartphone, including iPhone, Android smartphones, etc.
  • The perfect complement to the main smartphone for those who fancy active lifestyle.
  • The reserve phone in case of emergency: main smartphone’s battery is running low, or the smartphone is out of order.
  • Ideal choice for business people who need a second phone.
  • Perfect for traveling: you can install a SIM-card of a local operator into CardPhone and save on roaming, or exchange the SIM with your smartphone, while it’s used for cheaper local Internet.
  • An excellent choice if a compact mobile device is needed – for example, for traveling or sports.
  • Battery capacity: 3 days of standby mode and 3 hours of talk time.
  • Vibration mode, Anti-Lost function, calculator.
  • Compatible with wireless Bluetooth headset.
  • CardPhone can be installed in a special protective case for iPhone 5/5S, 6/6 Plus; the iPhone cases are available for sale separately.

: 59,99 EUR

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